Flower Essences



Flower Essences are a homeopathic remedy.  They address the emotions and the Spirit behind any illness and imbalance on any level of being (physical, mental, emotional, Spiritual...) through the energy of the flower. We can always trace any imbalance, symptom, or condition back to its emotional and energetic origin.  Flower essences work directly with this origin for the potential of healing, wholeness and wellness. 

Flower Essences capture the energy of the flower through a natural process. (Essences represent the energy of the flower not the aroma).  The flower is the highest vibration of the plant (Spirit itself).  When we combine the healing high vibration of the flower with our own energy it can gently encourage our innate ability to heal ourselves.  Any flower essence that you choose can bring healing energy to you. You can never pick a “wrong” one.   If you look at our list below and find the one(s) that fits with your particular issue, it can be of even more direct value to you.

 In addition to the emotional properties below, each flower energetically carries within it all the medicinal properties associated with that particular plant.


Just a drop or two under tongue several times a day as needed.  It is a very intuitive process.  You may also put the essence drops in water.  The essences are alcohol based and brandy is the preservative--if you have alcohol sensitivities you may put your drops in hot tea so the alcohol dissipates.



The following are the Flower Essences created and blended by The Purple Rose, LLC.  Also included below are the descriptions of the emotions and energies associated with each essence.  (Remember each essence also energetically carries within it all the medicinal properties associated with its particular plant.)  Simply match what you feel you need help creating within yourself with the descriptions below.  Choose the essence(s) that resonates with you. 


If you'd like additional help or guidance, would like to purchase an essence, or have further questions please feel free to contact Laura Rose : laurapurplerose@aol.com or 860-379-2600. 

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The Purple Rose Flower Essences:

Special Blends:

Calm during Stormy Seas: helps during times of transition, loss or acute stress

Chakra Clearing Blend: brings healing, clearing, balance and light to the chakras (crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral & base) to promote overall well being and energetic self care

Individual Essences:

(Pink) Azalea:  helps overcome self-doubt & the withholding of love & compassion from self, open heart to spirit of love

Blackberry:   vibrancy of life, overcoming blocks in feelings, beliefs and behavior patterns, manifestation, aligns heart and mind

Bleeding heart:  opens heart to forgiveness and kindness, balances suffering/separation with love/joy, self acceptance, compassion for self and others

Bluets:  feminine intuition, connection to spirit, freedom, thyroid support

Chamomile:  relaxing, calms nerves, reduces panic

Chive:  fire and spice, sexiness, balance especially yin/yang

Coreopsis:  balancing male energy, helps with assertiveness and action, menopause support

Crab Apple:  heart & restore love of self, goddess essence, cleansing

Crocus:  grief and loss, birth and rebirth, renewal, hope, moving through darkness into light, freshness, new beginnings

Daffodil:  happiness, light, confidence, concentration, clarity, helps learning

Daisy:  centering within the many cycles of life allowing wisdom and wholeness, universal brightness &  light, happiness, hope & good fortune, melts a frozen, wounded heart allowing trust and love to return

Dandelion:  over doers or overachievers, strength, helps with tension—muscular, mental and emotional, improves balance and flow, detoxes, liver, renal & digestive support

Echinacea:  releases fear & opens the third eye, good health, strength (of self), overcoming difficulties or trauma, bringing shadows into divine connection and light, eases stress, immune support  

Goldenrod:  karmic balance through love, justice, relationships with harmony and peace while remaining true to self

Hasta:  fairy dance of pure joy, manifestation through love

Hydrangea:  blessings from spirit, interconnectedness, oneness, & wholeness, allowing natural cycles and flow, removes perceived limitations

Hibiscus:  clairaudience, integrates soul warmth and bodily passion, promotes the flow of self love and warmth after abuse

(Bearded) Iris:  beauty, intuition, goddess & divine connection, creativity, share beauty with others

(Spanish) Iris:  richness of self, beauty, intuition & spirit

Japanese Rose:  fertility, hope, second chances, encourages perseverance when feelings of giving up, welcoming dreams with deep commitment to the outcome

Lavender:  nervousness, insomnia, spiritual over stimulation that depletes the physical body, headaches, sensitivity to energy, cleansing, protection, stress support

(Purple) Lilac:  beauty, raises energy, psychic vibration

(White) Lilac:  beauty, raises energy, psychic vibration, purity, connection to Spirit

Mock Orange:  cleansing, purity, abuse recovery, releases suppressed emotions and residue from your cells

Morning Glory:  helps you to move forward when you feel stuck, helps you to reach new heights, eases the discomfort of spiritual growth, reinforces faith in humanity, balances all energies and polarities, healing, addiction recovery, supports the nervous system

Mountain Laurel:  strength of heart and purpose, elegance of self, heals broken promises and relationships, releases emotions of fear, anger, and resentment

Mullein:  laughter, deep heartfelt spiritual joy, open to inner voice of wisdom and guidance, moves to higher vibration, brings truth and integrity

Orchid:  sexual vitality and healing, reaching the highest vibrations of light and purity, crown chakra, divine feminine light, abundance, creating heaven on earth, joining together the full realization of cosmic love

Peony:  sweetness, beauty, equality of worth, self-full, softness, fertility, creating abundance

Plantain:  heals wounds on all levels, transmutes “biting” and annoying words and situations, allays fears, move to self-love

Red Clover:  self-love, feminine celebration, calming, inner peace, blood cleansing support, feminine health support

Rhododendron:  happiness, wonder, inner child healing & joy

(fuchsia) Rose:  beauty, love, romance, happiness, opens heart to receive life’s gifts, eases change

(Pink Angel) Rose:  angelic and fairy blessings, divine love, renewed interest in self and life with trust and faith, overcomes apathy, opens heart

Sage:  helps you tap into the higher, elder wisdom within you, purification, enhances your psychic gifts and sensitivity, protection, connects you with pure love, grounds your soul knowledge in the here and now, throat support

Sunflower:  leadership, balanced male energy, brightest blessings and success, father healing, self expression & self esteem

Tiger Lily:  gentle strength & spirit, leadership, self confidence, eases unbalanced aggression, balances female with male energies

Valerian:  calming, aids travel (all planes), dreams, helps us to slow down for true perspective, promotes harmony in relationships, sleep support

(Purple) Viola (Violets):  balances energy of self and others, crowds, provides quiet space, nourishing self & life work, happy heart, pride, sensitivity

White Clover:  synthesis of peace, unity and strength on all levels, shining forth your Spirit light from within, bringing ease to the completion of a cycle of growth, allows a heartfelt cycle of gratitude and abundance to flourish, allows your heart light to illuminate bringing inner riches forth, light and laughter that warms the heart

*Brand new essence!!!~White Rose:  Restores faith, purity, and trust, helps with transitions and new beginnings, promotes peace, connects you to Christ consciousness

Yarrow:  protection, protection from negativity of others and self, releases anger especially that which is turned inward, depression, empowers victim mentality, helps with feelings of alienation, healing, sensitivity, for the wounded healer


*The Purple Rose, LLC makes no diagnosis or treatment representations.  Use at your own risk.  Always consult with a qualified health care provider before consuming.