Reading standards



Readings are always a three-way conversation between the reader, the client and the Spirit World of Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones and any other beings of light and love welcomed in during the reading.  We ask that you as the client open your heart and your energy so that the messages and guidance from Spirit can flow.


You, as the client, always have the free will to make the choices and decisions for yourself that are appropriate.  The reader may offer guidance but the ultimate responsibility for your life lies with you. 


We do not predict the future.  Your free will to make different choices can shift the outcome of anything discussed during a reading.  Your thoughts and beliefs are always creating your life as is best for you.


If anything coming from the reader does not feel right to you, trust your own common sense and intuition over anything ever said by a reader.


A reader is assessing energy only and no representations are made therefrom.  Any diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition should always be done by a qualified professional.  We encourage you to seek such professional care as needed.  In no way are we offering medical, psychological, legal, financial, marital, or business advice.  We disclaim any losses, liabilities or misunderstandings resulting therefrom.


A reader may only read for an individual that has given his/her permission to be read.  Any information about another person will be limited to only that which is appropriate for you to know as determined by the other person’s Spirit Guides and Helpers.


A reader brings through information that is appropriate and for the highest good of the client.  The reader trusts that Spirit knows best what should come through at the time of the reading.  We cannot guarantee who may come through or what Spirit will choose to focus on at any given time.  We do believe it happens always as it is meant to be.


We ask that you refrain from using alcohol or mind altering drugs before coming in for a reading.


We require you to be at least 18 years of age or have the consent of a legal guardian  before coming for a reading.


All readings, healings and workshops offered by The Purple Rose, LLC are for entertainment value only.  We make no promises or guarantees.  No refunds are allowed.


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