Crystal Essences

(“Gem Elixirs”)


Crystal Essences capture the energies of the particular stone through a natural (indirect) process.  Crystal Essences allow us to experience all of the potential healing properties of each stone internally. When we combine the healing vibration of the crystal with our own energy it can gently encourage our innate ability to heal ourselves.

Just a drop or two under tongue several times a day as needed.  It is a very intuitive process.  You may also put the essence drops in water.  The essences are alcohol based and brandy is the preservative--if you have alcohol sensitivities you may put your drops in hot tea so the alcohol dissipates.  In certain cases essences may also be applied to the area of concern.

The following are the Crystal Essences created by The Purple Rose, LLC.  Also included below are the descriptions of the potential healing benefits associated with each essence.  Simply match what you feel you need help creating within yourself with the descriptions below.  Choose the essence(s) that resonates with you. 

 The Purple Rose Crystal Essences:

1.  Amethyst:  “The Spiritual Stone”, can help with intuition, psychic protection including psychic attack, healing, love, peace, balance, insomnia, headaches, arthritis, sleep, meditation, healing, endocrine system, metabolism, blood cleanser, psychological issues, intestines including regulating flora, addictions; Crown chakra

2.   Angelite“The Angel Stone” – can help connect you to the angelic realm, balance, awareness, protection, telepathic communication, speaking your truth, transmutes pain, journeys & astral travel, raises your vibration, dispels anger, universal knowledge, psychic healing, infectious diseases, throat, diuretic, weight issues, thymus, heart; Throat chakra

3.  Bloodstone:  “A Stone for Healing & Courage” – can help with releasing negative energies, increases intuition and creativity, grounding and protective, balancing to the whole body, renewal, awareness of present moment, union with Divine through meditation, calming, reduces irritability & impatience, helps to make decisions, energy & blood cleanser, stimulates flow (lymph…), removes toxins, stimulates immune system, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver menstruation, leukemia, eyesight, lung congestion, intestines

4 Carnelian:  “A Stone for Emotional Wellbeing” – can help with mental ability, abuse recovery, stabilizing,  past lives, protection, purification, sexual energy, fertility, fear, rage, apathy, sorrow, cleansing negativity, fire, courage, painful menstruation, digestion, gall stones, depression, impotence, back issues, kidney stones, spleen, pancreas, allergies, colds, cuts, abortion of vitamins & minerals; sacral chakra

5.  Chakra Balance:  “A Stone for each chakra” – (quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, aventurine, yellow calcite, carnelian, & bloodstone) helps to bring overall balance, alignment of energy and wellbeing; all chakras

6.   Citrine“The Merchant’s Stone” - can help with prosperity, transmuting negative energy, protection, aura protector & cleanser, stops anger, self-esteem, meditation, creativity, will power, psychic and sexual energy, digestion, blood circulation, menstrual & menopause issues, fatigue, constipation, balancing to thyroid, activates thymus, bladder & urinary issues, nightmares; Solar plexus chakra

7. Garnet“The Stone of Health” -  extracts and transmutes negative energy from the chakras and re-energizes them, commitment, passion and love, Kundalini, calming, purification, protection, trauma, for spine, bone, heart, lungs and blood, releases old patterns, enhances the assimilation of nutrients, sexual healing, can regenerate DNA, metabolism, base chakra.

8.   Hematite:  “The Grounding Stone” – can help with anything to do with the mind, calming, balances the meridians, protection, transmuting negativity, meditation & divination, focus, strength, peace, nervous & circulatory systems, iron absorption, blood disorders, insomnia, alignment of the spine, draws out heat and fever; base chakra

9.   Kyanite“The Balancing Stone” – can help align, cleanse and balance  all chakras and all levels of being, restores life force energy flow in the body, releases blocks, tranquility, communication, attunement, meditation, psychic awareness, dispels anger & frustration, thyroid, relieves pain, blood pressure, infections, adrenals, throat, brain, muscles

10.   Labradorite“The Dragonfly Stone” – can help with balance, protection, clearing the aura & aligning energy, filling energy leaks, clarity, peace, vitality, faith, psychic wisdom, destiny, connection to other galaxies, ascension, colds, gout, rheumatism, balances hormones, anxiety, stress, eyes, digestion, regulation, metabolism, brain.

11.   Moonstone:  “The Stone of the Goddess” – can help with spirituality, magick, sleep, harmony, youth, new beginnings, hope, intuition, grounding, gardening, divination, love, peace, travel, trance, soothing, protection, creativity, cycles, tension, rejuvenation, skin, hair, eyes, assimilation of nutrients, eliminating toxins, fertility, childbirth, pms, liver, pancreas, insomnia, swelling, insect stings & bites; third eye chakra

12.   Quartz“The Everything Stone” – can be used in place of any other stone, it is said to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifier, holds all the healing energy of all of the colors, can help with harmony, psychic connection, protection, light, concentration, memory, meditation, calming, clearing, healing, vertigo, emotional stability, immune system, relieves pain, swelling, burns, skin disorders, eliminates toxins from the body, digestion, kidney & bladder infections and dysfunctions

13.  Rhodochrosite:  “A Stone for the heart” -  can help with joy, balancing emotions, duality & spiritual levels, balancing spiritual with the material,  healing sexual abuse, health, internal infections, skin disorders, elimination issues, thyroid,  circulation, kidneys, eye sight, blood pressure, migraines, clarity, insights, connection to Mother Earth; Heart chakra

14.   Rose Quartz:  “The Unconditional Love Stone” – can help with emotions, release, forgiveness, healing, self-worth, happiness, peace, “mid-life crisis”, grief, calming, cooling, clarity, harmony, opens the heart, stress, tension, vertigo, wrinkles, thymus, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, dementia, fertility, kidneys, lungs, burns, adrenals; heart chakra

15.  Smokey Quartz:  “A Stone for Protection” – can dissolve negative energies and emotional blocks, protective energetic shield, meditation, scrying, neutralizes fear, depression, stress, balances yin/yang, aligns meridians, balancing, spiritual grounding, intuition, creativity in business, nightmares, cooperation, regulates the liquids of the body, equilibrium within the body with respect to mineral supplementation, headaches, healing to base chakra & sexual disorders, dissipates congestion from organs and glands in solar plexus area, relieves disorders of hands & feet, muscles, nerves, hips, & legs

16.   Sodalite:  “A Stone for the Third Eye” – can help awaken third eye, intuition, healing, meditation, wisdom, calming, grounding, stress, clarity, trust, releases guilt & fear, lymph & immune systems, radiation, throat issues, fevers, blood pressure, metabolism, digestion, purifying, insomnia, panic attacks, clears electromagnetic pollution, calcium deficiencies, stimulates the pineal gland; third eye chakra

17.   Tiger Eye:  “A Stone for Strength & Courage” – can help bring peace and clarity, meditation & past lives, psychic ability , stimulates kundalini, luck, will power, honesty, decision making , balances the energies of sun and earth, intuition, protection, grounding, mental issues, wealth, eye issues, depression



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*The Purple Rose, LLC makes no diagnosis or treatment representations.  Use at your own risk.  Always consult with a qualified health care provider before consuming.

*The information above was compiled from a variety of sources with special thanks to Melody’s Love is in the Earth & Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible.