Purple Rose Points Program:


We would like to say thank you to all of you by offering a Purple Rose Points program that gives back $25 to you!!!!


Simply earn Purple Rose points for your in store Purple Rose activities!!!


You will be given a Purple Rose points punch card when you come in and visit us or you can print one from our enewsletter, too.  When you participate in a Reading, Reiki session, attend certain events and workshops or make a retail purchase remember to have your card with you so we can punch it!!!


All you need to do is earn 150 points to receive a $25 Purple Rose gift certificate!!!


Here are the details of how to earn points on your card:


Qualifying activity:                                                          # of points earned:              

½ hour  Reading/Reiki session                                                   10 points

45 min. Reading/Reiki session                                                   15 points

1hr.       Reading/Reiki session                                                   20 points

1 ½ hr.  Reading/Reiki session                                                   25 points

one Lightarian Clearing client healing session                         10 points


one Lightarian class   (excludes Buddhic Boost)                                   20 points

One Usui Reiki class                                                                    20 points


one 2 hr. workshop/class                                                               5 points

one 4 hr. workshop/class                                                             10 points


retail purchase of        $  15-  49                                                    5 points

                                          50-  75                                                  10 points

                                          76-100                                                  15 points

                                         101-149                                                 20 points

                                        150 or over                                             25 points 

one new client referral                                                                     5 points

one gift certificate purchase                                                          5 points


~Customer is responsible for keeping their Purple Rose points punch card and having it with them when they come into The Purple Rose for a qualifying service or purchase.

~Points earned for services offered by Laura Rose only.  May not be combined with any other offer.  Program begins 11/1/11.

~For in store activities only.  Cards available in store or through our enewsletter.