Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction.  Reiki is universal life force energy.  Reiki energy can help bring balance and healing to all levels of being (physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual). 

              Reiki is channeled through the Reiki practitioner from the Reiki Source.  The energy travels out the hands of the practitioner and is given to the client.  This may be done through touch or by keeping the practitioner’s hands above the client.  Reiki may also be shared through distance as well.  Sometimes the client may feel the Reiki energy as warmth, coolness or tingling.  It is designed to be a relaxing and enjoyable process.  Reiki energy feels very loving.

              The client may choose to lie down on the Reiki table or be seated in a chair if more convenient.  Clothes are always kept on.  Reiki easily flows through clothes, casts, and other objects. Reiki energy will go to the area and level of being where it is most needed.

              Reiki can relax the body and provide the opportunity for the body to heal itself.  Life force energy is present in all living things.  In our natural state, WELL BEING ABOUNDS!!!  But, sometimes our energy pathways can become blocked or slow moving due to stress, fatigue, illness or other challenges in our lives.  Receiving Reiki can help to clear blocks and allow energy to flow naturally once again through our bodies bringing the potential for ease and wellness.


             Healing can never be guaranteed.  The client’s receptivity and whatever may be in the client’s best interest at the time of a Reiki session are important factors to how Reiki may or may not be experienced. Reiki energy can be a helpful tool that can be used in conjunction with Western Medicine and other forms of holistic healing.  Always follow the advice of qualified medical and psychological professionals. Reiki is not a religion and fits well with any Spiritual practice.



Lightarian™ Reiki


              Lightarian™ Reiki includes all the healing benefits and principles of the Usui Reiki described above.    Lightarian™ Reiki then allows the practitioner to bring forward for the client the highest vibrational bands of Reiki (even higher than Usui Reiki allows).    The practitioner is also able to access the highest aspect of the Ascended Masters (including Ascended Master Buddha and Ascended Master Sananda) allowing the full potential and the highest aspects of the healing energies available from the highest realms of these powerful Light beings to be brought forward for the client!  This modality creates the possibility of an enhanced healing opportunity for the client always based on the receptivity of the individual client and whatever is in the client's highest and greatest good.



Light Healing


             "Light Healing is the pure channeled Light energy from the Elders of Light.  Your energy structure is made up of waves of Light.  During a Light Healing session, we work through the channel to realign these waves.  We add Light back into and help to release all that is not Light from the client's energy structure so that the flow and balance of wellness may be restored.  The energy coming through the channel easily and naturally moves the channel's hands as they rest within your energy field thereby bringing the unseen dynamics of healing into view and into the Light!  We bring forward the highest vibration healing offerings available for you at this time!"       Elders of the Light


~*~A healing session with Laura Rose will include a natural blend of the modalities described above.  Her intention is to be of service to you, the client, in whatever way is in your highest good at the time of the session!~*~

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