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Laura Rose 

Intuitive Medium, Angel Reader, Usui Reiki Master,

Lightarian ™ Reiki Master Teacher, Light Healer,

Lightarian ™ Angel Links & Clearings Practitioner,

Minister, & Writer



Laura offers Reading & Healing Sessions:

~Laura's unique Spiritual Channel blends

perfectly together Angel,

Intuitive, Spirit Guide, Tarot,

Medicine Card, Ascended Master &

Mediumship Readings


~Reiki & Lightarian™ Reiki

& Light Healing

Healing Sessions

Laura is available for private sessions by appointment. 

You may choose to join Laura for a Reading session, a Reiki,

Lightarian Reiki, & Light Healing session, or

combine a Reading with a Reiki session ~ "R & R"~

for the best of both worlds!

Just call or send an email if you'd like to book a session.

Let us know what days and times are convenient for you!


In person Readings and Holistic Healing sessions,

Phone Readings,


Distance Healing sessions available.




"I want you to know the moment we connect that you are absolutely loved by the Spirit that flows through me

for you!"  Laura Rose



"Laura is compassionate and gifted in her healing work. Whatever your needs are she meets them and goes beyond in bringing sensitivity and trust to your situation allowing you to move forward in confidence. Laura has the wonderful ability to tap into the love of the universe and to bring that forth to each client to help them make shifts and attitude changes required for personal growth."   Lynn A.


~~Come in for some "R and R"!!!~~ 

Combine a Reading and a Reiki session for kind, loving,

and helpful guidance as

well as Reiki healing energy!!!



More information about Readings--please read!

More information about Reiki, Lightarian™ Reiki, &

Light Healing--please read!




Individual sessions:


½ hour Reading $70

45 min Reading $100

1 hour Reading $140


½ hour Reiki & Light Healing session  $55


45 min Reiki & Light Healing session   $75


1 hour Reiki & Light Healing session   $95



An additional person may join a reading for $40--per person joining

One parent or guardian may sit with a child 12 or under at no extra charge


1 hour "R & R" ~ a Reading & a Reiki

(Light) Healing Session together $130

hour "R & R" ~ a Reading & a Reiki

(Light) Healing Session together $180


*In person readings & healings, phone readings,

& Reiki distance healings available


*prices subject to change.


*A $25 deposit is required set up a reading or healing session.  The $25 deposit is non-refundable as a cancellation fee if less than 24 hour (or no) notice is given.  


The Lightarian Clearings Healing program

with Lightarian Clearings Practitioner, Laura Rose.

(for clients)

The Clearings are a healing system designed to assist you in releasing undesired programming, limiting belief structures, and adverse mental, emotional and physical stored energy patterns. 

Each clearing offers discussion time and an energetic attunement through a guided meditation.  

The Clearings can provide the potential for general healing and well being.  They also can assist those interested in bringing in their full potential of light as we move forward on our path to ascension.

The first clearing, Path Clearing, is a pre-requisite to any of the others. 

Path Clearing:  releasing the shadow aspects of self that hold you back                                   $125.00

Birth Pattern Removal:  releasing adverse programming absorbed while in the womb            $100.00           

Template:  releasing adverse energy patterns absorbed in the physical body 

which can help relieve stress, discomfort and disease                                                                 $100.00

Attachment Removal:  removing adverse attachments to people, objects,

activities, situations (ie. food, money, family, power, etc.)                                                          $100.00

Lineage:  realigning you to your only true lineage, Source (can help heal unhealthy

family patterns)                                                                                                                              $100.00

Veil Removal:  see yourself and the world around you with clarity and love                             $100.00

~can be done in person, by phone or remotely!

~After the Path Clearing pre-req., you can choose to do the whole program or chose the attunement(s) that most interests you.

~This program can also be offered to you as a student rather than a client.  As a student you receive all the healing benefits and then you can also share this program with others.  Contact Laura for further details.




***Call 860-379-2600 for more information or to set up an appointment, we also offer phone readings!!!





Laura Rose, Esq.

Laura Rose, Esq. has been an attorney for 22 years and the owner of The Purple Rose Healing Center & Gift Store in New Hartford, Connecticut, for the past 16 years. 

Laura is an Intuitive, Empath, Card Reader, Medium, Angel Reader, Channel, Animal Communicator, Usui Reiki Master, a LightarianReiki Master Teacher, LightarianAngellinks Practitioner Teacher , a Lightarian Clearings Practitioner Teacher, an Ordained Interfaith Minister, and a Writer.  She offers Readings and Healing Sessions through Reiki, LightarianReiki, and Light Healing.  She is able to easily tap into the energy and messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Departed Loved Ones, Nature Spirits, and Animal Helpers and Companions,

all of the highest vibrations of Light and Love.

              At The Purple Rose Healing Center Laura teaches many workshops including Reiki, Lightarianmodalities, Psychic Development, Empathic Guidance, Manifesting, Meditation, Angels 101, Tarot, as well as our latest offering:  Purple Rose Spiritual Gathering Series.  She has created two CDs which contain guided meditations.  One is for clearing, grounding and energetic protection entitled “Purple Rose Tree Meditation” and the other is a journey to meet your Spirit Guides called “Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation.”  Laura was the host of “Discovering Nature’s Spirit” radio show, a weekly on-line radio program.


              Laura is a former Connecticut state prosecutor who was guided to leave an impressive legal career 15 years ago after being called to embrace fully the psychic and healing gifts she had as a child.  She has been on an amazing journey of rediscovery of self and is now teaching others how to follow their own paths toward authenticity and to re-connect to their own spiritual gifts.


              Laura has been working with Medicine Cards and other modalities intuitively for over 20 years and has had the opportunity to sit in workshop with many teachers including James Van Praagh and Ted Andrews.  She is a former Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling volunteer who was an integral member of a special child abuse unit in her time as an

Assistant State’s Attorney.


Laura is the author of From Wisteria to Roses, a Spiritual Memoir.  Laura’s true short story, “Tara Miracle,” was published in The Door Opener Magazine.  She has been featured in articles in Simsbury Life, The Door Opener, Hartford Magazine, Simsbury Post, and Inner Tapestry.  She has been a guest on the radio programs, “In Touch with Spirit”, “Bridge between two Worlds”, WTIC am, and “Hear from your Angels”. 


Laura regularly shares the messages that she channels from the Angels and other Spirit Helpers on her blog, Purple Rose Musings. (See link below)   Laura is currently working on her second book, Psychic Remembrance which is an easy to follow guide to developing psychic gifts (an excerpt of which was published in The Door Opener). 

You can also find her creating wonderful natural healing products for sale through The Purple Rose, LLC, in line with her intention to offer organic, eco-friendly, all natural and local gift items.  She currently makes Organic Soy healing candles, Crystal Essences ("Gem Elixirs"), Fower Essences, All Natural Hand and Lip balms, Natual Insect Repellent, Poison Ivy Spray, All Natural disinfectant Spray, and many blessed intention sprays such as clearing, calm, and focus.  See the full list and details in our "Store Merchandise" page below.



Visit & follow Laura's blog: 

Laura's blog features regular channeled messages from Spirit.

Find messages from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and the Animal Kingdom

through a column entitled "Raven's World"!!!



Laura offers:

Intuitive readings

Angel readings

Spirit Guide readings


Medicine Card readings

Animal Totem Readings

Reiki & Lightarian™ Reiki energy healing

Light Healing


Lightarian™ Clearing Healing program for clients

Ongoing Psychic Development and Reiki training and

many other classes--see calendar section!

In person Readings and Reiki Healing sessions, Distance Reiki Healings &

Phone Reading sessions available


Call for more information or to schedule an appointment, 860-379-2600

or email Laura at:




*See Laura Rose featured in Inner Tapestry Magazine's

"Destination Healing" article. 

Just click here: Destination Healing Article


*See Laura Rose featured in The Winsted Journal Newspaper's

"Purple Rose Offers Healing Methods " article. 

Purple Rose offers Healing Method's article


*See Laura Rose featured in The New Hartford Independent Newspaper

New Hartford Newspaper article


Laura is currently taking a break from hosting her radio show,

"Discovering Nature's Spirit".  You can find the archives on,

Here's the link:

Discovering Nature's Spirit Radio Show

Or listen to some of our favorite shows here:


Angelic Insights ~ 7/9/12

Angelic Insights ~ 8/6/12

Empowering Empaths ~ 12/7/09

A Psychic Reading ~ 5/24/10

Reiki ~ 7/5/10

Lightarian Reiki ~ 8/30/10


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**We are located at 526 Main St., Rt. 44,

in New Hartford, CT!


526 Main Street

P.O. Box 503

Rt. 44

New Hartford, CT  06057-0503



From Waterbury:  take Rt. 8 North.  Merge onto Rt. 44 East.  526 Main St. on the left.

From Hartford:  take Rt. 44 West.  526 Main St. on the right.


Parking:  There is plenty of parking!!!  You may find a space on the street.  You can also park at the Green area.  Or, there is a large municipal lot behind The Purple Rose.  Just take the driveway next to the town hall.

Store Merchandise


The Purple Rose Healing Center

and Gift Store! 

Discover Nature's Spirit~

beyond eco-friendly,

become one with Mother Earth!

The Purple Rose gift store features eco-friendly, natural and organic gift items including handcrafted Purple Rose products as well as items from

many local artists!

* Our retail hours:

Wed., Thur., Fri., & Sat.

from 12:00-5:00 p.m.  

You may check our "The Purple Rose" facebook page for the latest updates!

See button below!!!!


You may stop in during our open retail hours, or order and

inquire about merchandise

by email:

or by phone:  860-379-2600

Our Purple Rose CD's can also be purchased directly below or download them as an mp3 file in our 'online classes/cds' section!




              Welcome to The Purple Rose!!!!


Purple Rose Products:

Here are some of our own unique Purple Rose handcrafted created products:


• Purple Rose All Natural Hand Balm!!

Made from eco-friendly, all natural & organic ingredients!

We have created both a "Floral Bouquet" & a "Sacred Forest" scent!!


• Purple Rose All Natural Lip Balm!!

A soothing blend of eco-friendly, all natural & organic ingredients!  A refreshing Spearmint Scent!



• Purple Rose Cleansing & Blessings Kit!!

We have packaged together everything you need to cleanse & bless your space!  We guide you step by step including powerful and beautiful words for your intention or prayer!


• Brand new Purple Rose Crystal Goddess "Box"

Our Purple Rose Crystal Goddess "Box" takes the original intention of a "God Box"

and expands it to include all Spiritual beliefs and faiths.  A "God Box" was designed to release your worries to "God".  We are using the powerful healing energy of quartz crystals to release stress and worry.  Our kit includes crystals, carrying bag, and detailed instructions including a wonderful releasing prayer/intention to Mother Earth.



All Natural Purple Rose Candles!!!

Each one handpoured with love, intention & Reiki

healing energy


• Our Latest Purple Rose Candle~

Sage & Citrus Clearing

Our all new Sage & Citrus candle is crafted from pure

essential oils, the intention of Clearing unwanted energy

& and Reiki healing energy. 

All of our Purple Rose Candles are made

with organic soy wax and cotton safety wicks. 


We now have 21 different Purple Rose candles to choose from! 



All candles are made with organic soy wax and cotton wicks.  We use safety wicks that won’t burn down to the glass bottom.


We have colored fragrance candles 

Now in stock: 

Apple, bluebell (blueberry), Green Apple, Pumpkin Candy, Spring, and Winter




Aromatherapy candles featuring powerful intentions and blessings accompanied by gentle scents blended from pure essential oils.  We also use eco-friendly dyes

Now in stock: 

Clearing, Sage & Citrus Clearing, Purple Rose Spirit, Healing, Insect Repellent, Love, Angels, Black Cat, Psychic Reading, Abundance, Yule Log, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire




*The Purple Rose CDs are available for purchase both in store and through paypal.  All other merchandise can be requested through email, by phone or purchased in store.


                Purple Rose Tree Meditation


By Laura Rose

Enjoy this powerful and easy to follow guided meditation.  The Purple Rose Tree Meditation is a perfect addition to any new or existing meditation practice.  Regular energetic self care is essential to your well being.  The Purple Rose Tree Meditation  helps you to clear your energy and chakras bringing overall balance to you on every level.  This ten minute meditation can be done many times throughout your day to keep you relaxed and connected to your Spiritual Source.  Nature provides for all of your needs.  By tapping into the energy of the trees, you can quickly ground and center yourself bringing clarity, strength, and wisdom.  The best way to stay well is to fully embrace the flow of universal energy.  This meditation places you directly in that flow as it provides you with energetic protection through your inherent connection to Mother Earth.   You may purchase CDs by visiting The Purple Rose Healing Center by appointment or order online below!             $9.95                                            © 2012



To purchase Purple Rose Tree Meditation CD: 




*If you'd rather download the mp3 file version,

simply visit the 'online classes/cds' section of our website!



Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation CD


By Laura Rose

In the Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation Laura Rose takes you on a relaxing journey to meet with your Spirit Guide(s).  Spirit Guides are Love and Light beings that protect and guide us from the other side.  They can help us in miraculous ways with everything from finding a new job to discovering our life’s purpose.  Most of us have one main guide as well as many others helping us.  Our guides are just waiting to connect with us more directly. The Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation is a twenty minute guided meditation that provides you with the opportunity to connect and communicate with your guides easily and effortlessly.  You may purchase CDs by visiting The Purple Rose Healing Center by appointment or order online below!                $9.95                                                                                           © 2013


To purchase Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation CD:


*If you'd rather download the mp3 file version,

simply visit the 'online classes/cds' section of our website!



Our #1 Best Selling Item!!!

*Purple Rose Clearing Spray --to clear negative or unwanted energies from yourself or your space.  Made from a special blend of essential oils and a little

magic, too.       

4 oz. spray bottle                $8.95

Featuring our Original Scent and our all new Sage & Citrus blend!


*Purple Rose Calm Spray

Purple Rose Calm Spray is a beautiful blend of essential oils and healing energy designed to help you create calm and peace for yourself.  Created with the intention to ease anxiety and stress.

4 oz. spray bottle                $18.95


*Purple Rose Focus Spray

Purple Rose Focus Spray is a beautiful blend of essential oils and healing energy designed to help you create focus, clarity, memory and concentration.

4 oz. spray bottle                $18.95


***Check out our brand new spray...

you asked for it and we created it!!!!

*Purple Rose Menopausal Mist

Purple Rose Menopausal mist is a cooling spray with essential oils blended for homonal balance + Reiki healing energy.  (Combine our Menopausal Mist with our Purple Rose Coreopsis Flower Essence for hormonal balance inside and out!)


*Purple Rose Disinfectant Spray

Are you looking for a natural alternative to harsh chemical disinfectant sprays?  Our Purple Rose Disinfectant Spray is specifically designed to help neutralize odors and germs. 

Made from a special blend of essential oils & Reiki healing energy.   

2 oz. spray bottle                $9.95



*Purple Rose all Natural Insect Repellent made from a special blend of essential oils                                      

4 oz. spray bottle                $8.95

or try our Purple Rose all Natural Insect Repellent Candle made from organic soy, cotton safety wicks, & a special blend of essential oils  



*Purple Rose Poison Ivy Spray  (helpful for other itchies as well) made from an herbal tincture blend         

1 oz. spray bottle                $8.95



*Purple Rose Flower Essences!   Flower Essences are a homeopathic remedy.  Enjoy the energy of flowers for emotional, physical & spiritual balance. 

For the full list of our flower essences, please click this page:


Learn more about Flower Essences & their Properties         



Brand new Purple Rose Crystal Essences

These natural "gem elixirs" bottle up the energy and

wonderful healing properties of the various crystals

so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of the stones

internally!  Right now we have

Amethyst, Angelite, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Chakra Balance,

Citrine, Garnet, Hematite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Moonstone, Quartz, Rhodochrosite,

Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite & Tiger Eye!

Learn more about our Purple RoseCrystal Essences and their potential healing properties


Brand new Purple Rose Gem Elixir (Crystal Essence) Sprays!

We have Chakra Clearing,

Quartz Spray to raise your vibration,

& Amethyst  Purple Shield Spray!


 *Purple Rose Magick Green Cleaner

Are you looking for a natural alternative to harsh chemical cleaning products?  Our Purple Rose Magick Green Cleaner is a natural way to clean your kitchen, bath and glass!



*Purple Rose Psychic Reading Oil--special blend of essential oils to assist your intuition in a safe and effective way


1 dram vial  $4.95 


*stop in to see the other intention oil blends we have created!


*Purple Rose Fairy Dust             2 dram vial    $4.95






We also carry:


(Our in store inventory is constantly changing.  Stop by soon!!!  Let us know if you would like an item that you do not see!)


• Crystals, tumbled stone, spheres, bags, feng shui & hanging crystals


*Purple Rose Crystal sets already packaged

together & charged for you! 

We have love, abundance, intuition, chakras,

protection, moon phases,...

*Try out our new Purple Rose Crystal Essences also known as

"Gem Elixirs" where you can enjoy the

healing benefit of the stones internally!!! 



*Jewelry: pendants, necklaces, bracelets, gemstone belly rings, earrings & rings in a variety of sterling silver and beautiful stone creations.   Animal totem jewelry & other Native American pendents! 

Mood rings, too!






*Gemstone jewelry by local artists


Here's a sample from local jewelry artist, Boalch Designs

Here's a sample from local jewelry artist, Sacred Space Malas

(suncatchers too)



*Maggies organic cotton socks & tanks


*Eco Friendly Pet Products made from

Eco friendly materials such as hemp & organic cotton.

BPA free toys.    Earth friendly stuffing.

Made from recycled and left over materials so no waste.

USDA organic Catnip cat toys.   Hand crafted in the USA.



Puppy approved!!

We also carry Pet Urns and pet memory stones


*Angel items including statues, worry stones, note pads, greeting & oracle cards






*fairy dust and statues

Fairies and Fairy garden items

Solar garden statues

• Homeopathic Purple Rose Flower Essences (please see full list and info above), Purple Rose Crystal Essences or "Gem Elixirs", Aromatherapy products including oils (essential, aroma and annointing), Purple Rose oil blends, roll on essential oil blends, incense including sticks, cones, powders & resins, & burners, Purple Rose Calm Spray, Purple Rose Focus Spray, Purple Rose All Natural Disinfectant Spray &

Magick Green Cleaner Spray


• Wonderful selection of herbs, White Sage, Smudge sticks, charcoal and accessories, Purple Rose Clearing Spray


greeting cards and small posters~handcrafted by The Purple Rose, LLC with channeled messages of inspiration and comfort

*misc. items such as:  greeting cards, wind chimes,

car charms & bumper stickers

Salt lamps, statues, walking sticks...



• All natural body care products including Purple Rose All Natural Lip Balm, Purple Rose All Natural Hand Balm, Burt’s Bees, goat milk lotion & soap, pure & organic body oils, Purple Rose All Natural Insect Repellent Spray & Candle, Purple Rose All Natural Poison Ivy Spray, All natural soaps made from pure essential oils



• Native American items such as drums, gourds, medicine bags, jewelry, ritual herbs, rattles, altar & smudging feathers, dreamcatchers, books and cds, sound healing




• Divination tools such as tarot, oracle cards, runes, crystal balls, pendulums & scrying mirrors


• Many books & cds, oracle and tarot cards



• Pagan & Wiccan supplies including cauldrons, spell kits, books of shadow, altar items, pentacles, spell & ritual candles, chalices, greeeting cards, Goddess and God offerings, jewelry, herbs, oils, incense & besoms, wands

fun mugs, too

• many other unique and special gift items!




• beautiful Artwork by local artist, Gay Schempp, including paintings, greeting cards and magnets!



• Green~ecofriendly children's toys!!


All sales are final.  Refunds for store credit only at the discretion of the owner only with proper receipt for pristine,

sealed and undamaged products.  No returns after 30 days from purchase.  No refund for services. 


Contact Information  


The Purple Rose, LLC
Laura Rose, Owner


*We are open

in our new location

on Rt. 44/Main St. in

New Hartford, CT *


526 Main St.

P.O. Box 503

New Hartford, CT  06057-0503



Feel free to Email us at:




~Reading and Healing sessions by appointment only

~Retail hours:

Wed, Thur., Fri. and Sat.

12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.




*You may check our "The Purple Rose" facebook page for the latest updates including any weather related changes!

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