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Summer, 2017 Message from Spirit


At the times of the equinox and solstice you experiment with finding and maintaining balance within your lives.  They are often a time of reflection as you seek to balance day and night, find a balance of time, and the inevitable balance of dark and light.  As you move through the current solstice transition, you may find that you need replenishment.  Seek to allow more light to seep into your everyday.  We are supporting you fully.  We are pushing light forward to you in a constant stream.


As you feel the push/pull we continue to urge you beyond simply balance and into the celebration of all the blessings of the universe.  Sweep the illusion of challenges aside and reconnect to the light, whatever that represents for you.  The light is always present.  Shine forth.  Find the sunshine in your every day.  It is the small moments of light that fill.  The illusion of a curtain can appear to block out the light.  We will help you to find the power and strength to lift the curtain.

Tune to the frequency and broadcast of light.  We are constantly sending it to you in waves.  You can see each wave of light as its own unique, vibrant, pure color along the color spectrum of light.  Breathe it in and allow it to flow along all of your energy pathways.  Allow it to flow with your heartbeat permeating every cell and every aspect of your being.  Allow your wellbeing to flow every day.  Create the space.  Let the light shine in and throughout you.



Channeled by Laura Rose from the Angels






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